Is Insomnia a Symptom of Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia and Insomnia 

Author: Cordel Dietzig 
Fibromyalgia is a pain disorder that is thought to stem from issues with sleep. When our bodies reach the deepest levels of sleep, it regenerates the tissues and muscles that have experienced damage and fatigue during the day. If we never reach that stage, our muscles and tissues, continue to become damaged and worn down.

Fibromyalgia pain photoIf this is a constant thing, then we start to experience pain and weakness. If the Fibromyalgia sufferer experiences this, they start to experience extreme pain and sickness. In this article, we will be reviewing ways that the Fibromyalgia sufferer can deal with insomnia.

The first step to dealing with insomnia when you have Fibromyalgia is ensuring that you speak with your primary doctor on ways that you can handle the insomnia. Chances are, you are already undergoing some sort of treatment for the Fibromyagia, and it is important to ensure that the steps that you wish to take to handle the insomnia associated with the illness do not interfere with your current treatments.

One of the main things that the Fibromyalgia sufferer can do to deal with insomnia is to make sure that their diet and exercise program is put to work on a consistent basis. Following the right diet and getting exercise regularly will help with any issues that the Fibromyalgia patient that is experiencing insomnia may have.

The next step that the Fibromyalgia sufferer may do to ensure that they do not experience insomnia is to stay away from products that contain caffeine. Many over the counter medications have caffeine in them, particularly ones for pain. While many sufferers may choose to purchase over the counter medications for pain, be sure to check the ingredients and make sure that they do not contain caffeine.

Fibromyalgia imageIf they do, you may find yourself suffering from insomnia on top of all the other symptoms you already experience.

Another tip for getting restful sleep at night is to do things that relax you in the evening hours. This may include writing in a journal, taking a warm bath, reading a book, or simply spending time with your family.

It is not advised that you spend a lot of time in front of the television, internet, or in front of work that you may bring home with you. Doing relaxing activities will help your body adjust to a restful sleep prior to bedtime and will help you reach a sound sleep once you go to bed in a quicker fashion.

Once you go to bed, if you find that you are lying in bed for more than twenty minutes and are not asleep, you should get out of bed and try to find something relaxing to do. You may want to perform this activity for 30 minutes to an hour before trying to go back to bed.

There are numerous other steps to getting a good night's rest with Fibromyalgia. Though it may seem as if getting a restful sleep is nearly impossible with this condition, but it is quite possible.

It will take some patience and experimentation to find out what works for you, but with some persistence, you are sure to find a way to getting a restful sleep.

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Sandy said...

We need to also realize that when we head to our western doctors, they are trained to give us medications, which aren't always the solution. Sometimes we just need the right type of hydration. If our bodies are 70% water, shouldn't we be concerned with the beverages we consume? How great would it be if we could simply drink GREAT WATER that was rich in nutrients, that could bring our bodies back into balance? Get alkaline, get hydrated, and get healthy....

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fibromyalgia has so many health consequences and sleep disorders are very common amongst them. thank for a good article

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