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Relax Picture10 Things you need to know about Sleep - 5 Simple Ways to Relax Yourself to Sleep 

By Geoff Brown 
Most people will find they can not sleep at night due to a 'busy mind' at some point. This may be the result of anxiety or worry, or equally can be due to excitement or digesting some good news. Whatever the reason, relaxing yourself to sleep is a viable method of setting your mind at rest for long enough that you can drift into a soothing and regenerating night of recuperation. This article looks at 5 key relaxation methods for sleeping and discussed the merits of each one.

Technique #1 - Counting And Mental Distraction 
The most famous of the 'counting techniques' involves counting sheep as they jump over a gate. This is actually one of many related ideas which come under the broad heading of 'engaging your mind'. The idea being that you focus on counting to stop thinking about any worries or concerns.

Technique #2 - Abdominal Breathing Techniques 
Deep breathing, along with related progressive breathing techniques, can lead to relaxing yourself to sleep remarkably quickly. Like many of the relaxing methods, this can work even better when combining the physical effects with purely mental treatments such as counting. The focus on breathing deeper and slower, with the goal being to draw air downwards towards your abdomen is extremely relaxing and can result in sleeping very quickly indeed. 

Technique #3 - Progressive Muscle Relaxation 
Another physical relaxation idea, this can also be completed in parallel with mental distraction or visual imagery sleeping treatments. The idea is that you tense and then slowly relax muscle groups starting at the feet and slowly working your way up the body, slow and deep breathing is required and the process itself involves a certain amount of focus - preventing distractions due to a 'busy mind'. 

Technique #4 - Visual Imagery 
This can be thought of as a more advanced variation of the 'mental distraction' sleeping techniques outlined above. The idea is to utilize the power of your imagination - letting your mind wander to tranquil scenes at the same time as relaxing the body. While common choices include beaches and waterfalls, each individual is free to choose their own imagery, making this idea interesting as well as conducive to sleep. 

Technique #5 - Meditation 
Meditation is really the opposite of the imagery technique, since it involves clearing your mind of all possible thoughts and mental distractions. Performed alongside breathing and relaxing techniques, meditation is a powerful method of falling asleep for those who have been trained in how to achieve this tranquil state. 

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