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Sleep Restriction Image10 Things you need to know about Sleep - Home remedies for insomnia. 

Have you tried all the “best sleep tips”; seen a doctor, dieted, exercised, excluded caffeine and bad foods, etc, and nothing seems to really working? If so, do not lose hope. Recently researchers have learned new and effective way to help insomniacs regain those few precious hours and even minutes of sleep. This one of the most effective natural insomnia treatments is called Sleep Restriction Therapy.

This possible option for treating insomnia seems to be paradox: You should restrict you sleeping time! This will help to reduce the time you spend awake in your bed tossing and turning and get rid of all worries about dificalty to fall asleep. Sleep Restriction will cause you to become tired again at the bed time and establish new routines to fall asleep.

Usually person starts sleep restriction therapy with only a very short period of sleep during each night. Then sleep time will increase until a normal sleeping time is achieved. If you find sleep for the short period of time you can increase the sleeping time by 15 or 30 min until you finally reach a normal amount of sleep according to your personal needs.

Sleep restriction therapy and Depression.
Insomnia and hypersomnia are both common depression symptoms. Doctors who suspect depression usually ask their patients about sleeping patterns. Depressed people suffering insomnia frequently get to sleep at a normal time but wake up after a few hours and pretty much are up for the morning at around 5 am.

Sleep restriction therapy can actually be a short-term depression treatment. It does not really work for everyone, and it is hardly a long-term depression cure, but sleep restriction can play a part in overcoming depression without drugs. Indeed, staying up past one's normal bedtime can often produce a feeling of euphoria.


techsumi said...

I can understand why people get all depressed when they cant sleep. Thankfully there are natural remedies. for insomnia.

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